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An amulet, talisman, or charm is a personal ornament which, because of its shape, material , or even its color, is believed to endow its wearer by magical means with certain powers or capabilities. At the very least it should it should afford some kind of protection. In fact, three of the four Egyptian words translated as "amulet" comes primarily from words meaning "to guard" or "protect". The fourth has the same sound as the word meaning "well being". Roman pottery began with Etruscan-style, but soon developed a tradition of its own. In general, pottery in Italy tended to be made in one colour, rather than painted as in Greece, and the decorations were moulded into the clay rather than painted. Throughout the Roman Republic, most Roman pottery was made near to where it was going to be used, but by the time of Augustus large pottery factories were trading pottery throughout the Roman empire.
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An example of Roman pottery we have sold recently:

Roman ‘Pan with Pipes’ Oil Lamp 026282

Roman ‘Pan with Pipes’ Oil Lamp
Ceramic, 140 grams, 122 mm. Circa 4th century AD. A large red oil lamp; on the discus a scene of Pan playing his pipes within an arch of square and rosette designs; the nozzle deep and broad, the handle plain, with evolved basal ring. Reference: Isthmia, Vol III, 1977. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an old English collection.

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Roman ‘Pan with Pipes’ Oil Lamp 026282

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