Roman 'Stag' Plate Brooch 024855

Roman 'Stag' Plate Brooch 024855
Roman 'Stag' Plate Brooch
Copper-alloy, 5.56 grams, 29.78 mm. Circa 2nd century AD. A cast copper-alloy plate brooch in the form of a bounding stag with four stripes to the flank, subtriangular head and prominent antlers; two drilled recesses to the rump and shoulder to accept enamel infill. Lines of punched chevron detailing are placed around the neck and legs. To the reverse, the catchplate and pin-lugs are present. Reference: Hattatt, R. Ancient and Romano-British Brooches, Oxford, 1982, item 166. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an important London collection.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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