Salonina (Augusta AD 254 - September AD 268)

Cornelia Salonina was the wife of Gallienus and mother of Valerian II and Saloninus. A very beautiful and intelligent woman, she was extremely loyal to her husband. Opinion is divided as to whether she was murdered in the purge of Gallienus family after his murder, or if she survived.

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Salonina 'Salonina and Children' Antoninianus 016948

Salonina 'Salonina and Children' Antoninianus
Bronze, 2.91 grams, 20.31 mm. Milan. 257-258 AD. Obverse: SALONINA AVG, diademed and draped bust right. Reverse: PIETAS AVGG, Salonina as Pietas seated left, holding sceptre, reaching down to two children standing before her, another child beneath her throne. The three children certainly represent Valerian II, Saloninus and Gallienus II, all of whom died very young. RIC V-1, 59 Milan; cf Sear 10688 (obverse legend). Good very fine.

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Salonina 'Salonina and Children' Antoninianus 016948

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