Satraps of Cilicia 'Warrior' Stater 025332

Satraps of Cilicia 'Warrior' Stater 025332
Extremely Rare Satraps of Cilicia 'Warrior' Stater
Silver, 10.56 grams, 23.21 mm. Tarsos, Cilicia. 450-380 BC. Obverse: Satrap on horseback right, head left, wearing Persian headdress. Reverse: Aramaic "TRZ" above Hoplite, nude, kneeling right, wearing Corinthian helmet, holding shield on left arm and spear in right hand, all placed diagonally within dotted incuse square. BMC 162; SNG Cop 258; SNG von Aulock 5913; Traité 514-516; Not in Sear as stater, only as a triobol. Fair/very fine.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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