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Anglo-Saxon brooches fall into several categories based on their overall shape: long, round, zoomorphic, etc. The majority of excavated brooches have been found in adult female graves, where two small examples – usually made and decorated as a pair – fasten the dress or peplos tunic at the shoulders. In some wealthier graves, a larger and more decorative brooch is also present, placed at the throat or chest, which probably held a mantle or shawl in place over the other garments.

Brooches are noticeably absent from male graves. There has been much speculation about this, since males are depicted wearing brooches on, for example, the Franks Casket (Northumbrian, probably 8th century in date). It seems likely that people were routinely buried in their indoor clothes, and that male indoor costume did not include a cloak while female indoor costume allowed the wearing of a shawl.

Because of the highly detailed nature of brooch ornamentation, a great deal of social information could be displayed through this medium – wealth, social status, ethnicity and rank. Most brooches were provided with a highly reflective and glittery surface either through polishing, tinning, gilding or the inclusion of glass and gemstone inserts. This would attract attention to the brooch, and thus to the information it was meant to convey. Due to the changing fashions in early Anglo-Saxon England, which could show political and religious affiliations, brooches have been intensively studied since the early 20th century and are well-documented. From the Middle Saxon period (circa 650 to 900 AD) there is less variety in form, with the large, silver disc brooch predominant.

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An example of a Anglo-Saxon Brooch we have sold recently:

Anglo-Saxon 'Giant Square-Headed' Bow Brooch 011258

Anglo-Saxon 'Giant Square-Headed' Bow Brooch
Copper-alloy, 60 grams; 129.07 mm, 5.080 inches. Circa 6th-7th Century A.D. Ref: John Hines, M.A., D. Phil. F.S.A, A New Corpus of Anglo Saxon Great Square Headed Brooches, plate 14,b. Similar styles are referenced in; R.A. Smith’s British Museum Guide to Anglo Saxon Antiquities 1923. Published: Hammond, Brett. British Artefacts, volume I - Early Anglo-Saxon. Rare and in extremely fine condition with the majority of the gold chip carving still intact. Found Cambridgeshire.

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Anglo-Saxon 'Giant Square-Headed' Bow Brooch 011258

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