Saxon 'Cocked Hat' Sword Pommel 009025

Saxon 'Cocked Hat' Sword Pommel 009025
Saxon 'Cocked Hat' Sword Pommel Fragment
Silver, 2.17 grams, 27.97 mm. Circa 6th century AD. A fragment of a cast silver sword pommel cap of the classic 'cocked hat' profile. The pommel cap was placed over the end of the tang where this was beaten out over the upper guard. The triangular face features a single ring-and-dot motif and on the rear edge there is a circular rivet hole. On the curved side of the cap are two bilinear elliptical motifs. A very similar decorated pommel cap (with ring and dot and elliptical motifs on the upper faces) was found on a sword in Grave 21 at Petersfinger, Wiltshire, England alongside a spear, knife, axe and decorative belt buckle. Reference: Menghin, W. Das Schwert im Fruehen Mittelalter, Stuttgart, 1983, item 18. Fine condition, incomplete. Provenance: from an old Continental collection.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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