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Almost all of the Saxon coins for sale in this section have been shown to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK, and have been recorded on the Early Medieval Corpus [EMC]. By purchasing Saxon coins from Time line Originals you ensure that future generations will have access to the information for research. We believe recording gives you additional comfort that your item is legal and 100% authentic. We purchase Viking and Anglo Saxon coins regularly, but genuine coins are rare and in short supply. Currently demand is very high so be sure to return to view our regularly updated selection on the links below.
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The Early Medieval Corpus [EMC] is maintained for the benefit of those studying Anglo Saxon coin history in the University of Cambridge or elsewhere. This database gathers together sources of the single finds of coins minted between A.D. 410-1180 found in the British Isles. "Hoards and the circumstances of their deposition are flashes of lightning by which we can read (or guess at) momentous events, but the single finds illuminate much more clearly the day-to-day picture of coin use. A detailed knowledge of coin circulation contributes most obviously to wider historical knowledge in the seventh century and the first half of the eighth, the period of gold shillings and early silver pennies ('thrymsas' and 'sceattas'). Most of these coins are anonymous, with no indication of where or by whom they are minted, and the distribution pattern of finds is often the only evidence for locating them".

Please register all unrecorded Saxon coin finds for the benefit of future generations with:

The Early Medieval Corpus
Department of Coins and Medals
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
UK, CB2 1RB:

Phone: Dr Martin Allen (01223) 332915
Fax: (01223) 332923

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