Saxon 'Looped' Finger Ring 015156

Saxon 'Looped' Finger Ring 015156
Saxon 'Looped' Finger Ring
Gold, 5.15 grams, 22.31 mm ext.dia. (British size P, USA 7¾, Europe 16.45). 6th-8th century AD. A plain, flat-section hoop of about 1.5 mm thickness, the pointed ends looped over the hoop to close it. Reference: cf. rings from Eriswell, Suffolk, in West S. A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Material from Suffolk, East Anglian Archaeology 84, Ipswich, 1998 p.148 items 8,9. Extremely fine condition, some restoration. Provenance: from an old English collection.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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