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Early Anglo-Saxon rings from the 5th or 6th century are often no more than a simple sheet-metal band with stamped geometric ornament, or a twisted circlet of wire, usually in silver or copper-alloy. Occasional imitations of Roman and Byzantine forms are known from the later 6th century, such as the intaglio from the Snape (Suffolk) high-status cemetery. Gold rings are a rarity in this period.

By the later 7th century, forms with bezels became much more common in sheet metal, while wire-rings were often decorated with a complex knot. In the Viking age, heavier rings made from thick silver wire were in use. From the 10th century, cast copper-alloy, silver and gold rings are known, often decorated in contemporary styles drawn from manuscript art. Intact examples of finger-rings, especially from the earlier Anglo-Saxon period, are scarce. References: Filmer-Sankey, W. and Pestell, T. Snape Anglo-Saxon Cemetery: Excavations and Surveys 1824-1992, East Anglian Archaeology Volume 95, Suffolk County Council, 2002 Smith, R.A. British Museum Guide to Anglo-Saxon Antiquities, Trustees of the British Museum, 1923 Backhouse, J. Turner, D.H. & Webster, L. The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art 966-1066, London, 1984

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Saxon 'Adjustable Double-Looped' Finger Ring 022904

Saxon 'Adjustable Double-Looped' Finger Ring
Silver, 0.63 grams, 17.14 mm, 14.62 mm internal diameter (approximate size British G 1/2, USA 3 1/2, Europe 6.0, Japan 5). Circa 6th-9th century AD. A delicate silver wire finger ring, formed as a hoop with a sliding loop to each end of the bar for adjustment to the wearer's finger. Reference: cf. wire finger rings in MacGregor, A. & Bolick, E. A Summary Catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon Collections (Non-Ferrous Metals), item 27.19, 27.20. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an old English collection.

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Saxon 'Adjustable Double-Looped' Finger Ring 022904

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