Saxon 'Trewhiddle Style' Pyramid Mount 021447

Saxon 'Trewhiddle Style' Pyramid Mount 021447
Extremely Rare Saxon 'Trewhiddle Style' Pyramid Mount
Silver-gilt, 1.38 grams, 9.82 mm. 9th-10th century AD. A hollow-cast mount, pierced on the top surface. Each trapezoidal side face bears a zoomorph: sides (1) and (3) display a round-headed beast with its tail in its mouth, side (2) shows a beast with its mouth agape and rounded chest, side (4) shows a beast inverted with a simple knot pattern for its body. The piece is richly decorated on such a small scale and must have been part of a very high-status object, perhaps an item of liturgical silverware. Reference: cf. Trewhiddle Style beast on the Selkirk finger ring in Webster, L. and Backhouse, J. The Making of England: Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture AD 600-900, London, 1991 item 203. Good very fine condition. Provenance: from an old collection.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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