Scipio (Imperator; committed suicide 46 BC)

Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius - only son of Metellus Numidicus - started his military career as a legate to Lucius Cornelius Sulla in the Social War. Following the outlawing of Sulla, Scipio remained faithful to him and fled to Africa. In 83 BC he returned to Sulla and helped him win the civil war that eventually made Sulla dictator. To reward him for his services, Sulla nominated him Pontifex Maximus. He was elected consul 80 BC and afterwards sent as a proconsul to the Hispania provinces. He remained in Iberia fighting against the rebellious Quintus Sertorius for the next eight years, the last five with the help of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. He eventually returned to Rome, where he celebrated a Triumph for his victories in Hispania. He died around 63 BC. For his campaign against Sertorius, Metellus Pius earned the respect of Roman military historians, particularly Frontinus who often refers to his deeds in the book, Stratagemata.

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Q Metellus Scipio 'Elephant' Denarius 007456

Q Metellus Scipio 'Elephant' Denarius
Silver, 3.52 grams, 18.54 grams. Utica 47 - 46 BC. bverse: Q METEL PIVS; laureate head of Jupiter facing right. Reverse: SCIPIO IMP, African elephant walking right. RC 495/1; RSC 47; RCV 1379. aesar supporter’s hate scratch through the nose, adding to the historic interest of this coin. Good very fine/good fine.

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Q Metellus Scipio 'Elephant' Denarius 007456

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