Scythian 'Dolphin' Pendant 010594

Scythian 'Dolphin' Pendant 010594
Scythian 'Dolphin' Pendant
Copper-alloy, 16.43 grams, 49.04 mm. Circa 2nd-3rd century BC. A bifacially cast pendant depicting a leaping dolphin to one side and a 'trumpet' style motif to the other. The lower tail of the pendant with a spiral line and the upper suspension loop broken away. The dolphin typifies the sea and maritime power. In ancient Greece it was regarded as the king of sea creatures; it is symbolic of freedom, generosity, gentleness, love and pleasure. Reference: cf. R. A. Higgins Greek & Roman Jewellery, for discussion. Fine, with some minor patination losses and lacking suspension loop. Provenance: from an old Continental collection.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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