Scythian 'Opposed Beasts' Harness Fitting 010595

Scythian 'Opposed Beasts' Harness Fitting 010595
Scythian ‘Opposed Beasts’ Harness Fitting
Copper-alloy, 14.58 grams, 35.01 mm. 4th century BC to 3rd century AD. A beautifully modelled openwork mount in the form of two opposed beasts, touching at the muzzle, lower jaw, forepaw, hindleg and haunch. The beasts are exceuted in the characteristic Scythian style with tightly curled snouts, legs and tails. On the reverse is the loop used to secure leather or fabric straps, possibly part of a horse-harness; the Scythians were renowned horsemen and dominated eastern Europe and southern Asia for many centuries. Scythian art influenced the culture of classical Greece, which in turn inspired later Roman art. Reference: for Scythian art see Vickers, M. Scythian and Thracian Antiquities in Oxford (Ashmolean Handbooks), Oxford, 2003 and Braund, D. Scythians and Amazons, London, 2009. Very fine condition.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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