Septimius Severus 'Spes' Denarius 022678

Septimius Severus 'Spes' Denarius 022678
Rare Septimius Severus 'Spes' Denarius
Silver, 1.49 grams, 17.60 mm. Laodicea. 194 AD. Obverse: L SEPT SEVER PERT AVG IMP II, laureate head right. Reverse: BONA SPES, Spes walking left, holding flower and raising hem of robe. RIC 444 var (obverse legend with SEVER); RSC 57 var (same); Sear 6266 var (mint and legend). The Laodicea mint is known for its obverse legend variations. Neither RIC nor RSC lists this obverse legend with SEVER. Good very fine. A significant coin which has been published on


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