Series K, Type 42 'Monster & Berry Bush' Sceatta 011892

Series K, Type 42 'Monster & Berry Bush' Sceatta 011892
Very Rare Series K, Type 42 'Monster & Berry Bush' Sceatta
Silver, 11.24 mm; 0.65 grams. Secondary type, circa 710 – 760 AD. Obverse: The remains of a mantled bust, pearl wreath knot behind, holding small cross pommee. Reverse: Lion or hound-like monster in collar facing back, eating on the berries of a fruiting bush behind. M 312; N 100/1 [classified as very rare by North]; Abramson K210; S 794. Recorded with the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University as: EMC: 2008.0380. Fair/good fine and rare. Found near Cambridge.

Anna Gannon Author of The Iconography of Early Anglo Saxon Coinage writes: "Type 42 features a backward facing animal in front of a plant: the prototype for this iconography is derived from representations of Bacchus' panther leaping in front of the thyrsus, a motif found on many Roman artefacts in Britain… The thrysus would have been understood as the artistic device against which animals were conventionally represented, and its transformation into a fruiting bush from which the animal feeds points to a Christian context and recalls eucharistic images of animals feeding in the vine-scroll, as on the screen at Jedburgh."


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