Severina (AD 244 - AD 249)

Not much is known about Severina. A few inscriptions associate her with military titles not often bestowed upon Empresses. These inscriptions combined with numismatic evidence from the reverses of her coins suggest that Severina was the only empress to ever rule Rome in her own right (though only for a few months after her husband's assassination before the senate appointed a successor). It is also known that she was very popular with the troops, donating her own money for their well-being and, when accompanying her husband Aurelian on campaign, sleeping on the same type of beds as the common soldiers.

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Severina 'Concordia with Standards' Antoninianus 019672

Severina 'Concordia with Standards' Antoninianus
Bronze, 4.23 grams, 16.70 mm. Antioch. 274-275 AD. Obverse: SEVERINA AVG, draped bust right. Reverse: CONCORDIAE MILITVM, Concordia standing left, holding two standards, officina letter T(?) in lower left field, XXI in exergue. RIC V-1, Antioch 20; cf Sear5 11706. Almost fleur de coin.

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Severina 'Concordia with Standards' Antoninianus 019672

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