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An example of a Gold Celtic Coin we have sold recently:

North Thames 'Mythical Beast' Half-unit Silver celtic coin 003925

North Thames 'Mythical Beast' Half-unit
Silver, 0.48 grams; 10.13 mm. Mythical beast right with two ring and pellets below, pelleted wheel behind. R. Celticized horse left, above ring and pellet, ring of pellets motif in front, star below. VA 474; BMC 393; S 52 variant. Celtic Coin Index Registration Number at Oxford University: CCI 05.0696. Rare and extremely fine - spectacular coin in the hand. Found North Essex 2005.

Philip de Jersey writes: "Probably an early issue of the Catuvellauni, c. 40 BC, since most of the recorded examples are from the west (Herts etc) rather than the east of the North Thames. It has been suggested that the animal on the obverse is a hare, with long ears, but it also appears to have a long tail and may have a strong mythical element".

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North Thames 'Mythical Beast' Half-unit Silver celtic coin 003925

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