SP 002205

SP 002205
Ceolwulf 'Cross-crosslet' Penny
Silver, 1.24 grams; 21.29 mm. +CEOLVVLF REX M, Ceolwulf King of Mercia. Circa. A.D. 821 - 823. Rochester mint, with large portrait breaking inner circle facing right. R. Cross-crosslet within inner circle, +EALHTAN MONET [N and E ligated] , Moneyer: Ealhstan at Rochester. Only five coins of this reign and moneyer, and only one of this type recorded with the Medieval Coin Corpus (EMC) at the Fitzwilliam Museum and Sylloge of Coins (SCBI) of the British Isles. Only one other example with the Cross-crosslet reverse. S 924; N 382; C 13; Coin Register 2002, no. 161. Recorded with the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University as: EMC 2002.0228. Although this coin has a nibbled edge, it is stable and is otherwise in sound condition and is better than scanned. Found Stutchbury, near Salgrave, Northamptonshire 1999, and seen by the British Museum in that year.

A leading expert writes: "The British Museum has a (single) coin of this moneyer and type, but this coin differs from it in two important details. The obverse inscription of the BM coin starts at 12 o'clock, and the reverse of your coin has curved lines around the cross, which might suggest that the cross crosslet has been engraved over a cross moline, to reuse the die at a change of type. This would confirm the assumption that the cross moline type and cross crosslet type were two successive types at Rochester. SOLD
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