SP 002237

SP 002237
Silver, 1.28 grams; 19.53 mm. King of Mercia, circa. A.D. 874 - 880. This unique and unpublished coin is of the extremely rare and practically unobtainable Anglo-Saxon King - Coelwulf II. +CIOLWVLF REX, with a slightly different right facing bust and a Previously Unknown Drapery. R. Moneyer's name in angles of the long-cross, with a Unique orientation of the central cross within the central lozenge. BE/AG/ST/AN, Moneyer Begastan at London. UNRECORDED MONEYER for Coelwulf II. A very difficult coin to scan and do it justice, the coin is appealing and the bust is more distinctive. Recorded with the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University as: EMC 2005.0108. N 429; BMC 403; S 944 unique variant, with unpublished moneyer. Good fine for the issue with a very fine bust (Un-cleaned 'as found' condition). A knowledge breaking discovery of historical importance. SOLD

An extremely desirable coin with ONLY THREE COINS OF THIS KING RECORDED on the Medieval Coin Corpus at the Fitzwilliam. A "once in a life time opportunity", almost all important Anglo Saxon collections are missing an example of this exceptionally rare Monarch. Found Cambridgeshire, March 2005.

A leading Museum expert writes: "This coin seems to provide a new moneyer for the Cross-and-Lozenge type, Beagstan, previously recorded as a moneyer in Alfred's (Alfred The Great) Two line type. This is the first recorded Cross-and-Lozenge coin of the moneyer Begastan, previously recorded in the Lunettes type of Burgred, the Two-Line type of Alfred (The Great) and in the reign of Edward the Elder. This moneyer, if all of the coins of Begastan were issued by one man, seems to have a very long career, and by the end of the reign of Alfred Begastan was THE ONLY LONDON MONEYER."
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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