SP 011410

SP 011410
Excessively Rare Cynethryth 'Wife of Offa' Saxon Penny
Silver, 1.00 grams; 16.46 mm. Struck during the period of Offa’s light, Circa 770?-792 A.D. Obverse: CYNETHRYTH REGINA, beaded inner circle containing M. Reverse: EOBA on leaves of quatrefoil with six pointed stars with two long arms in each angle of quatrefoil. Recorded and graded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme with the following comments: ‘Berk 328187’ coin of the kings of Mercia 8th-9th centuries. Completeness: Complete. Degree of wear: Slightly worn but very fine. A type of coin very rarely offered for sale. Recorded with the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University as: EMC 2008.0332. Found Oxfordshire. Only five non portrait type coins recorded on the Early Medieval Coin Corpus and one in all the volumes of the Sylloge of Coins (SCBI) in the British Isles.

This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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