SP 011422

SP 011422
Excessively Rare King Harthacnut 'Huntingdon Mint' Penny
Silver, 0.96 grams; 18.69 mm. English type, circa 1035-1042. Obverse: +HARDCNVT, diademed bust left with sceptre in left hand. Reverse: +PVLFPINE ON HVN, Wulfwine at Huntingdon, around quadrilateral with pellet at each angle and in centre over voided short cross. SCBI Copenhagen no.643 - same dies, Boyd, SNC 1900, p.268/11 [this coin], North 811, Spink 1168. Ex. Sotheby’s auctions, 6-7 April 1899, lot 255, Ex. Boyd collection. Small edge chip, otherwise good very fine and excessively rare. No coins of the Huntingdon mint under King Harthacnut recorded with the Early Medieval Coin Corpus.

This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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