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Please select from the menu above. We have large stocks of Stuart Hammered coins for sale, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Charles and James I Crowns, Halfcrowns, Shillings, Sixpences, Groats, Halfgroats, Pennies and Farthings. We are constantly adding Stuart coins for sale to this collection so be sure to return regularly.

An example of one of our Stuart coins we have offered for sale recently:

JI 003008

Charles I 'York'Shilling
Silver, 5.50 grams; 30.73 mm. Provincial mint at York, 1643 - 1644. Obverse: Bust in scalloped lace collar. Reverse: EBOR below oval shield with lions skin garniture, Mintmark Lion. S. 2874. Very Fine, nice appealing coin.

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JI 003008

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N = English Hammered Coinage by J J North
SI = Sterling Imitations of Edwardian Type by M J Mayhew
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