Studies in Ancient Coinage from Turkey
Studies in Ancient Coinage from Turkey
ASHTON R   Studies in Ancient Coinage from Turkey
London 1996. viii, 160; 69 plates, illustrating some 1,600 coins. Casebound. Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication No.29. "The principal purpose of this volume is to make accessible the work of Turkish scholars in the field of ancient numismatics, both by translation of articles already published in Turkish periodicals and by the presentation for the first time of other material in Turkish museums and registered private collections. Several British scholars have also either contributed their own work or collaborated with their Turkish colleagues in joint articles. The book includes reports on seven hoards of Greek and Greek Imperial coins and four hoards of Roman Imperial coins and catalogues six other collections of mostly provenanced coins. In addition there are three other essays including a die-study of the extensive bronze coinage of Gordian III minted at Caesarea in Cappadocia".

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