Gradual Recovery (270s - 285 AD)

The emperor Aurelian (AD 270-AD 275) restored the Empire’s fortunes by driving back the Germans and Persians, thereby restoring the former frontiers of the Empire. He was a strong character who also paid much attention to domestic affairs. One of his most notable achievements was the building of a strongly fortified wall around Rome. The emperors Tacitus (AD 275-AD 276), Florianus (AD 276) and Probus (AD 276-AD 282) tried to continue this momentum but they did not quite succeed. Probus, the most successful, was assassinated by mutinous troops in AD 282. The emperor Carus (AD 282-AD 283) and his sons, Carinus (AD 283-AD 285) and Numerian (AD 283-AD AD 284), also died before they could achieve lasting security for the Empire. However, the reign of the next emperor, Diocletian (AD 284-AD 305) was to be very different. James R. Wadman B.A., M.A. [History and Archaeology] for TimeLine Originals

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Aurelian CoinsAurelian (270 - 275 AD)
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Example of a coin of the Gradual Recovery period we have sold recently:

Severina 007595

Severina 'Concordia' Antoninianus
Bronze, 2.91 grams, 21.47 mm. Rome 271 - 275 A.D. Obverse: SEVERINA AVG, Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: CONCORDIA MILITVM, Concordia standing left, holding two legionary standards. RIC 4; CBN 218 - 219, 221, 224, 228, 230, 234; MIR 154; C 7;Hunter 8, 11 - 14; RCV 11704. Very fine.

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Severina 007595

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