Flavia Maximiana Theodora was the stepdaughter of Maximian. Her parents were Flavius Afranius Hannibalianus and wife, divorced before 283, Eutropia, later wife of Maximian. Theodora's father was consul in 292, and praetorian prefect under Diocletian. In 293, Theodora married Flavius Valerius Julius Constantius (later known as Constantius Chlorus), after he had divorced from his first wife, Helena, to strengthen his political position. The couple had six children:

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Theodora 'Pietas and Infant' Follis 007334

Theodora 'Pietas and Infant' Follis
Bronze, 1.46 grams, 15.50 mm. Trier. 337-340 AD. Obverse: FL MAX THEODORAE AVG, bust right, wearing plain mantle and necklace, hair elaborately dressed. Reverse: PIETAS ROMANA, Pietas standing facing, carrying an infant at her breast. Mintmark dot TRP dot in exergue. RIC VIII Trier 65; cf Sear (1988) 3911. Good very fine. A significant coin which has been published on

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Theodora 'Pietas and Infant' Follis 007334

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