Our Code of Ethics

We comply with the following principles:-

To comply with the ANA Code of Ethics (Use the back button on your browser to exit).
To purchase and sell numismatic items and antiquities at prices commensurate with a reasonable return to the seller and for a reasonable return on our investment with regards to the then prevailing rate.

To furnish our clientele with advice on numismatic and antiquities information to the best of our ability.

To not knowingly handle for resale forgeries, counterfeits, unmarked copies, altered or other spurious merchandise that is not clearly labeled as such.

To frequently publish our statement of return privileges, which will allow our customers a designated period of time in which to return material for a refund, except bullion or bullion-related material may not be returned for a refund. Said period of time shall not be less than fifteen (15) days from the recorded date of receipt or other transmittal of said material or not less than ten (10) days after our customer's receipt thereof or our attempted delivery thereof to our customer, whichever time period shall be the earlier. If a customer submits a possible misdescribed or overgraded coin or antiquity to a certification service for authentication or grading and notifies us of such submission within ten (10) days of our date of mailing or other delivery, we will continue to recognize his/her return privilege for thirty (30) days after our customer's receipt of said item from us. Whether or not an item has been returned within the limited return period. we98 may be subject to expulsion or other disciplinary action for a) the intentional sale of any counterfeit item or any item with an altered date or mintmark; b) the intentional misrepresentation as to the grade of any item; or c) the failure or refusal to provide a refund or replacement for any item referred to in a) or b) preceding, whether or not the sale or misrepresentation was intentional. Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, we shall have the right to enforce our written terms of sale furnished to a customer or the written provisions of our contract with a customer, even if such terms and/or provisions restrict or prohibit the return of material, contrary to the return privilege provisions set forth herein. However, said terms and provisions may not provide a time limit for the return of a counterfeit coin unless we have informed our customer that an item may not be genuine and he/she has agreed that the item cannot be returned to me for a refund in the event it is determined to be counterfeit.

To abide by all laws in numismatic and antiquity matters and to assist in the prosecution of violators of the law in this respect.

To recognize and respect our contracts and business dealings with our customers. To refrain from making unjustified and/or false statements or misrepresentations in our relations with others, and to fully cooperate in the advancement of our hobby and business in our relations with collector and dealer alike.
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