Recent Customer Comments (Last up-dated 03/05/07)

Hi Brett,

thank you for your fantastic item and for your
professionalism. I'm very happy. I hope to bay soon in your shop.



Fabrizio 2nd May 2007

Book received very quickly. Thank you.


David Mc Donnald 29/04/07

Hi Brett - The Viking shield mount arrived today in excellent condition and in very good time. I am delighted with it and thank you for your excellent service.

Best regards,

Jared Fogel 16/04/07

Ref:Norfolk Wolf Stater 006187

Dear Sirs

The above coin arrived safely today as promised. I am very thrilled with it and with the service you have provided - thank you. May I also take this opportunity of saying how much I enjoy browsing your website, in spite of the frustrating number of sold items!

Thank you and with best wishes

Yours sincerely

Richard van Aswegen 17th March 2007

Brett and Time Line Originals,

I received the Viking pommel and it is awesome!

Thank you very much for the excellent, smooth transaction.

Best Regards,

Ron Randis

On Mar 7, 2007, at 8:30 AM

Hi Brett,

Just wanted to let you know that the items arrived today and look stunning!
I already have them placed in a small display box and cannot keep my eyes
off of them. Thank you for your help!

- Amyn
1st Feb 07

Hi Brett,

Many thanks for the three coins - they arrived this morning! They look even better 'in the flesh'.

Hope that you are keeping well.

Speak to you soon,

Cheers, Jim

Hello ~ I received the 5 items today and am very pleased with them. Best Regards, Randy

31st October 2006

Item arrived today and I love it!! I have no idea how it got here so quick but I am well pleased and will do business again!!


Jeff Grimes 23rd October 2006


Like I was expecting, yesterday I receive the package with the items I
ordered. Everything was like I expected and I'm very pleased we did

I congratulate you for your excellent service and I trully hope I can buy
from you again!

Best regards,
Joćo Neto 12/10/06


I have received today the 3 items and I thank you. For the one from your feedback has been left.

I was a return pleasure to deal with you !

Best regards,

Ion 18/09/06

The coin arrived yesterday. Thanks for you attention to my order.
Duncan B. Putney

14th August 2006

G`Day Brett,

This arrived today mate. Awesome. Really pleased with it.

Any news on the other one ??


Jim McNaughton 2nd August 06

I have just received the mentioned item. Thanks a lot.

Best regards

Joćo de Bettencourt

27th July 2006

Dear Brett Hammond (Time Line Originals): Received Belt Plate today and Iam exceptionally happy! I
cannot believe my luck in finding such a wonderful keepsake from the Viking era! The whole transaction
was excellent (Communications,Shipping, etc)
Thank you greatly


17th July 2006

I wanted to let you know that it arrived. It was well
wrapped and everything was fine. Thank you.

Debby Delafield

Hello Brett,

Just to tell you the swivel has arrived and it certainly was worth waiting for. I did not realise it was in such pristine condition!

I am really pleased with it.

I will look out for other Norman/ Romanesque items on your site and hopefully the license won’t take such a long time then.

Kind Regards

Thomas Bjurstrom 08/06/06

Order Ref : 2522776

Hi. Just to let you know the items on the above order were delivered safely today

Many thanks



dear sir, i recieved my order this morning very pleased with my purchase, excellant service i look forward to doing buisness in the future

kind regards

lesley lawn
19th May 2006

Hallo Brett,

the books arrived this morning and they are really beautiful!!! Thank you also for the commercial site concerning other archeological books. I'll surely order some more books of these but have to wait until my friend whom I ordered the second sceatta book for will return from holidays in about 3 weeks.So he can tell me what HE is interested in and we can share the postage.-One question: Tony Abramson mentions the lists of Patrick Finn. I there any chance to get these?

Best regards

Joachim 13th May 2006

My nice Viking and Anglo-Saxon items has arrived some days ago.
Thank you very much for all the work you have done for me.

Sincerely yours

Kenneth Agehed


Dear Sirs!

just now received your letter with James II trade weight .

I'm happy with it due to collector's filling with new specimen at hand.

Many thanks and to the next deal,

Best regards T.Jasko 8th May 2006

Hi Brett

Just wanted to thank you for sending the ring so promptly. We received it
on Saturday and Ben absolutely love it. Please could you thank the
jeweller again from us for doing such a good job in resizing it.

Thanks for all of your help

Alison C (26/4/06)

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to say
thank you for your help in organising the export
licence application to The Museums, Libraries and
Archives Council in regard to the purchase I have
recently made from your establishment. Suffice to
say it is refreshing to come across a business
that has an actual business ethic - all the more
comforting when you are interacting with that
business from the other side of the world using
nothing more than a glorified flashing box.


Cy Jeffries,

Department of Molecular and Microbial
The University of Sydney,

19th April 2006

Hello and just a note to let you know that this item has been received with many thanks.

I will continue to visit your website regularly.

Sincerely, - Johnny Layne

19th April 2006

dear brett,

thank you for the delivery, excellent piece, thank you, I shall peruse
your site from time to time !

roger green

Hello Brett,

Received the item today, safe and intact. Thank you very much.



Thank you for the opportunity to purchase such a wide range of unique and beautiful items.

I am moved by just about everything you have.

Edward Zambo 24th March 2006

j'ai bien reēut, la lampe ą huile romaine (000112 ),elle est
magnifique,je vous remercie. amicalement!

hello! I have well accepted, the Roman oil lamp (000112) , it is
splendid, I
thank you in a friendly way! MR. THE MILLOUR THIERRY. 7th Jan 2006

Dear Time-Line

Just to let you know that my order has arrived and I am very pleased with the coin.
Thankyou for the speedy Delivery.
I will keep a look out on your web site for any other rare or early issues of POSTUMUS.


Stephen Chatfield

PS Thanks for the Pencil !!!!!!! 2/2/06

Hi Brett,

The book arrived today. Thanks for a speedy delivery and great service.

Best regards
David Coates [16th January 2006]

dear mr hammond,

may i thank you for your promt attention it arrived safely and i am very pleased with it, i hope to have many more dealings with you in the future if you could pass my regards on to ricky i would be grateful thankyou very much

mr e lawn. [4th Jan 2006]

I am in receipt of order reference 2200949; English Hammered Coinage Volume 2.

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

Merry Christmas.

Joyce Hulett
Grangemouth 7/12/05


Thank you very much. Excellent service. Philip Ashman.


Hi, received Charles 1 Copper Farthing today (Saturday) thank you for a smooth transaction. Will look forward to any further dealings with you in the future.


Ken Conlin.

30th September 2004

received the Lindner box today, thankyou for the quick service.

I am not a coin collector (found you through Google) but my husband had a few odd coins and I said 'lets display them or get rid of them', which is why I ended up buying a display case for his birthday!

We will see how he likes the tray, but if he wants to collect/display more then I would certainly use your site again for the quick service,


Barbara Harding

08/09/ 2004

Dear timelineoriginals, >

> Hello, man what a great site you have here, I am a metal detectorist > myself ,so find your site one of the best I have came across,,,,well > done!!

> Many thanks Dean,

17/09/ 2004

Dear All,

The Elizabeth I penny I ordered earlier this week arrived yesterday well packaged and in excellent condition. I had bought it as a present for my partner and she was thrilled with it. Many thanks for your excellent, prompt, friendly service. Should I require any other items along the lines you sell I shall come to you first.

Best wishes,
Rob Hayler

08/09/ 2004

Hi Just want to thank you for the Roman Print and Bronze coin which I received this morning. The service provided has been excellent- we will definately be in touch again soon. Regards Carina

3rd September 2004

Mr Hammond; I received the Gallo belgic 1/4 stater and am pleased with it in that way only the evocative nature of worn coins can.It is the true measure of a good business how they handle exchanges or problems and I can assure you you can count on my future purchases and refferrals to others due to the prompt and courteous manner in which you dealt with this.

Many Thanks,
Phillip Norris,USA

30/08/ 2004

Hi Brett, The coin arrived today. Thanks for the fast supply and the good service. A beautiful addition for my collection! I will not forget a good evaluation for you. In hope for further business,

I remain with best greetings - René

25th August 2004


got the coins this morning, thanks for your speedy sevice, left your feedback, can you do mine please,


Phil Rhead

24/08/ 2004

Thank you; coins arrived! Very pleased Hope we can do more business.

Regards bernard

21st August 2004

Coins arrived in good condition. Many thanks

Andrew Harris.

21/08/ 2004

Delighted with the coin which I received today,




Coins arrived today, very nice! Thanks for being so prompt,


18/08/ 2004

Mr Hammond; Very good.HVI piece is on the way and I greatly appreciate your prompt and courteous service and will surely purchase much more in the future from you.

Many Thanks,

18th August 2004

dear brett, many thanks for the books which arrived this morning very nice,i am very impressed with your service and attitude and will certainly being using you again in the future,a cheque has been posted,many thanks and good wishes, brian adams

18th August 04

I have collected / purchased many 300+ Artefacts over the past 4 months socketed Axe heads to fantastic Fibula with pins, Roman glass, Votive offering etc. I just wanted you to know that without exception the pin i recently bought from you is the best and kwill be very hard to better. The item is magnificent and i can not understand why it did not sell fro a great deal more thankyou so much. It is one of the few items i have purchased that will form part of my personal collection.

Simon B

17th August 2004

Hello Brett What a nice way you have of doing trading thank you When my goods arrive you will get a good feedback and i will certainly buy from you again i was lucky enough to win two items from you but sadly lost the third one i bid on Thank you very much indeed


15th August 2004

Morning Thankyou for the very promt delivery of my order; i received it yesterday morning and i am very pleased with it and have already started to identify the coins.


Mike Latus

12th August 2004

I received my order last week, thanx for prompt and professional service you guys are on my all time list of "cool" companies, I will recommend you bussiness to all of my "collector" freinds,I recently did family history research and found out I had numerous ancient family lines going back to East Anglia and beyond, so this stuff is about my history.When Iwas growing up I used to see artifacts like I bought in books and Meseums , it was like a dream come true to be able to actually possess such items. I have one question I hope you can answerabout the historyof these items(PROVENANCE) Irealize that probably more detailedinfo would have made these items more expensive than I paid for them if you could Provide anything approximations educated guessess about the time , place and or circumstances about the origin of these artifacts it would be greatly appreciated. Your felow historian



Hi, Love your site!
Just wondering if you ship to the States?

Susan Charron

9th July 2004

Very pleased with the medieval seal, which I received Tuesday.

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

Yours sincerely,

David Tonkinson


The items arrived today. Very interesting.

Can you provide me with any other information about it's possible utility?

Your documentation is superb, and I'm glad I have established some sort of relationship with you.

I am looking forward to a show in Munich in the fall. Might be interested in a side trip tp "merry old England"


Lorenzo Lacovara

22nd June 2004

Coin arrived safely this morning, and very nice it is too!!

Many thanks

Helen Perkins


Hi Brett great delivery and those books are magnificent - you correct for me to get both 'wonderful thing'.

Once again thanks for the advise and delivery of materials ' most impressive'!

Simon Brown

20th June 2004

Hi, I recieve the book coin of England and love it, thanks, Joe

5th June 2004

Thank you for the very nice coin (and nice packaging too!) which arrived yesterday.

Kind regards, Richard Litwinczuk

13th May 2004

Dear Sirs,

A belated thank you. I am very pleased with my coin, and hope we can do further business in future.

Kind regards.

Andrew Jones.

10th May 2004

Hi Brett,

I'm just writing to let you know that the flint scraper and knife have arrived today and I'm very happy with them. The flint blade is particularly fine.

Thanks for your help.


Sally Woodward

5th May 2004

Just to let you know I received the Henry VI penny today and all is well.
I have to say I never saw so much paper included with one coin in 25 years of collecting !

Every other coin I've bought ( there were a lot) came with a one, maybe two page receipt and that's it.

This is the first time I experienced the export papers and I probably bought 150 or 200 coins from UK dealers. Is this new ?

Anyway, I like your website and will continue to look it over.

Thanks. John Schermeister (USA)


Dear Sir,

Coin arrived quickly and safely on Saturday morning, thank you...another great coin.

Kind regards
Gary Fenton (England)

28th April 2004

Dear Brett,
the 24 place tray arrived yesterday.
Incredible as I only ordered it last Saturday. Many thanks as it looks just fine. The coins are set off well and the sections are much better for English Crowns.

Good service!

Geoff Hunt, Reading England.

26th April 04

Hi Brett,

Just wanted to let you know the flint scraper has arrived and I'm very pleased with it.

Thanks for all your help.


Sally [Australia]


I am an avid collector of English short-cross pennies and I depend on 2 sources for my coins. First fine dealers like Brett. I couldn't have a finer mate as a collector...And second detectorists like yourself that are able to bring new material to the collectors like myself.... I understand that in some cases you probabily do not realize the excitement a few coins can give to an old collector like myself....

Best regards & again congratulations.....

Jim S.
North Carolina

6th April 2004

Hello Timeline,

Received the coin today and I am very pleased with it, a super portrait.

Andrew Jenner

30th March 2004

Dear Time Line Originals

Great service! Book (ORDER REF. 1255535) arrived today. Delighted. Have filed your info.

All best

Stephen Baird (Truro, Cornwall)

28th March 2004

HI Timeline /Brett,

Book and Seal received this morning,excellent service,Thank you.

Tony Foote [Bedfordshire]

12th March 2004

Thank you so much on how you have handled this situation. Tell your BOSS (or maybe you are the boss!!) that you should get a PAY RISE and a few beers thrown in, for your excellent customer service. I really appreciate how you have handled it.

Marian Barel, Bristol ENGLAND

11th March 2004

Just to let you know it has arrived at last. Very pleased with it. Thanks,

Kathryn Wilson, Camarthen WALES

9th March 2004

Just a short email to let you know my coin arrived quickly, securely and safely today (Wednesday). Thank you for such a professional service, which couldn't be better. I look daily at your web-site and will no-doubt be in touch again for further coins to add to my collection.

Great packaging and contents.

Kind regards Gary Fenton, Essex ENGLAND

29th February 2004


I've visited your site, great site may I add. I've seen some things I would like to buy and I would like to pay by......

Thank you,

29th February 2004

As promised, I am writing to let you know that the coin purchased from your company is officially suspended from my chain. The jeweler did an excellent job of the bezel. If you have never investigated custom bezels, I beseech you to look up samples from the Atocha shipwreck. They are not at all artistic, or feminine.

Although I could never master the fine art of operating a standard camera, I felt that a digital camera was the solution for me. I should re-enroll in University just to learn how to take a decent photograph. Should I choose to undertake this endeavor, you will be the proud recipient of a pictorial document of the end result.

As for her take on Las Vegas..........and I quote "This is Satan's work, and it is appalling in our eyes".

Just thought you'd want to know.

Thank you for everything, as always,

Lynnette in Las Vegas

15th February 2004


I got the coin and it was even better than I had hoped. It is just perfect for its intended purpose....


19th February 2004

Hi Brett,
Just to say thanks for the dagger chape. I am impressed at your service, this being my second order, and also your presentation to detail packaging. I look forward to future orders.

Kind regards. John. Derbyshire ENGLAND

11th February 2004

Mr. Hammond,

I just wanted to let you know that the Viking strap end (order ref: 1173668) arrived safely and I am very pleased with the item. Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience.


J. A. Bouchard, Connecticut USA

11th February 2004

Brett..last 2 coins arrived...thxs!!!!!!!
Did u pick up the 2 s/c pennies from ur friend u told me had???

AS a major U.K. dealer what have u heard about the DNW sale of The Jeffery Mass short-cross collection???What do u think os estimates verse quality....

Jim Sazama, North Carolina, USA

28th January 2004

Dear Brett

Just a quick note to let you know that the axe has arrived and I'm very happy with it. Thank you.


Sally Blundell, Victoria AUSTRALIA

17th January 2004

Dear Mr Hammond

Many thanks for despatching the Dobunni Silver Unit so promptly.

I'm very pleased with it.

Yes please - can you charge this against the Card details that you already have?

Best Regards - Rob Shipley - Worcs U.K.

11th January 2004

Mr Hammond;
Henry IV arrived safe and sound and I am very pleased,even better than expected.Look forward to future deals and all the best this new year.
Phillip Norris,USA

6th January 2004

Thanks for your advice. I know you must be busy. It's nice to learn more about English Hammered coins.

I would like to purchase your CNUT penny 02. Would you let me know how much additional money I owe you.

Thanks for all of your help. If I knew anyone else that collected English coins, I would definitely recommend you and Time-Line Originals.

David Bailey, Utah USA

4th January 2004

Received with thanks today.

Excellent service.
Angelina R Ellis

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