Trebonianus Gallus (AD 251 - AD 253)

Gaius Vibius Trebonianus Gallus was born around the year AD 206 in Perugia (Italy). He married Afinia Gemina Baebiana and had two children with her, a son Gaius Vibius Volusianus and a daughter Vibia Galla. He appears to have had a traditional political career, serving as a senator and as consul. In AD 250, he became governor of Upper Moesia and, as governor, deeply involved with Decius' Danube wars, including the successful defence of the city of Novae. Murdered, with his son, in Italy by his own troops.

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Trebonianus Gallus 'Pietas' Sestertius 027920

Trebonianus Gallus 'Pietas' Sestertius
Bronze, 16.45 grams, 29.96 mm. Rome. AD 251-252. Obverse: IMP CAES C VIBIVS TREBONIANVS GALLVS AVG, laureate, draped bust right. Reverse: PIETAS AVGG S-C, Pietas standing facing, by altar, raising both hands. RIC 117a; Cohen 89; Sear 9676. Very fine/fine. Accompanied by an old collection ticket.

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Trebonianus Gallus 'Pietas' Sestertius 027920

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