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The Trinovantes (The Vigorous People) had their capital at Caesaromagvs, located in Widford near Chelmsford, Essex. Their territory ranged from Essex to south Suffolk. Their prince Mandubracius was exiled to Gaul by the Catuvellauni after the death of his father. He joined Caesar on his second expedition to Britain in 54 BC.

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Addedomaros (circa 25 to 15 BC.)

Addedomaros was the next identifiable ruler of the Trinovantes after Mandubracius in Caesar's time. He moved his centre of government from Braughing on the eastern headwaters of the river Lea to a new site on the east coast which he named 'the fort of the war god Camulos', or Camulodunum. He reigned for about a decade before being succeeded by his son Dubnovellaunus.

Addedomaros 012290

Addedomaros 'First Coinage' Bronze Unit
Bronze, 1.45 grams; 14.36 mm. Circa 40-37 BC. Obverse: Celticized head left with corded streaming hair, eye formed by pellet in inverted and curved line. Reverse: Celticized horse left, pellet below tail with pellet in ring motif made into a flower by addition of rays below horse. Celtic Coin Index Registration Number at Oxford University: CCI 08.9623. VA 1615-1; S 206. Very fine and better. Found Essex.

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Addedomaros 012290

Dubnovellaunus (circa 10 - 5 BC.)

Dubnovellaunus Succeeded Addedomaros to the Trinovantian throne and ruled for several years before Cunobelin of the Catuvellauni. Like his contemporary Tincommius of the Atrebates, he appeared as a suppliant to Augustus and paid tribute on the Capitol in Rome before AD 7. He should not be confused with Dubnovellaunus of the Cantiaci.

Dubnovellaunos in Essex 'Centre Parting' Ae Unit 014734

Very Rare Dubnovellaunos in Essex 'Centre Parting' Ae Unit
Copper-alloy, 1.69 grams, 13.40 mm. Inscribed Series, circa 1st century BC. Obverse: laureate bust right. Reverse: horse left with pellets in ring motif above. Reference: It is not listed in any of the Celtic coin reference books but was Published in the NCirc March 1999, p.47. Good very fine. There are only 16+ recorded with The Celtic Coin Index.

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Dubnovellaunos in Essex 'Centre Parting' Ae Unit 014734

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