VB 008407

VB 008407
Excessively Rare Viking 'Ringerike' Trefoil Brooch
Copper alloy, 13.47 grams; 55.38 mm. Late 10th - 11th Century A.D. The high quality execution of this piece is indicative of its manufacture being somewhere in Scandinavia, and brought to England by the invading Vikings, as opposed to cruder ones made by Viking's settlers who tried to incorporate Anglo Saxon art forms into their designs. This stunning mount is trefoil in shape with the three projections being tongue shape. In the centre is a dragon's head facing right, with its long ribbon body entwining and interlacing around its self to make this wonderful 'Ringerike' decoration. These Viking twining knots probably represent the interconnectedness of all Viking life. Another interpretation is that these devices are to bind negativity, in that it becomes bound up in the knot and cannot escape. For Viking lovers, these ancient patterns represent the interweaving of their lives and futures. This art work was made with a hole in the centre representing the centre of the Viking universe. Four of the six fixing lugs remain on the reverse, two on each tongue, one arm is restored. Very fine condition and excessively rare. Found Yorkshire 1976.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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