Victorinus (AD 268 - AD 270)

Marcus Piav(v)onius Victorinus was emperor of the secessionist Gallic Empire from 268 to 270 or 271, following the brief reign of Marius. Victorinus, born to a family of great wealth, was a soldier under Postumus, the first of the so-called Gallic emperors. Victorinus held the title of tribunus praetorianorum in 266/267, and was co-consul with Postumus in 267 or 268. Following the death of Marius, Victorinus was declared emperor by the troops located at Augusta Treverorum (Trier, Germany), and he was recognized by the provinces of Gaul and Britain, but not Hispania, which reunited with the Roman Empire. Victorinus was murdered in 270 or early 271 by Attitianus, one of his officers, whose wife Victorinus had supposedly seduced.

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Victorinus 'Sol' Antoninianus 024631

Victorinus 'Sol' Antoninianus
Bronze, 2.52 grams, 20.16 mm. Cologne. 268-270 AD. Obverse: IMP C VICTORINVS PF AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: INVICTVS, Sol walking left, chlamys drawn in two folds, holding whip and raising right hand, star in left field. RIC V-2 Cologne 114; Cunetio hoard 2534; Elmer 683; Sear 11170. Extremely fine for issue.

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Victorinus 'Sol' Antoninianus 024631

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