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British Artefacts Volume 2 - Middle Saxon & Viking by Brett Hammond

Brett Hammond   British Artefacts Volume 2 - Middle Saxon & Viking
Be first, pre-order your signed copy now (available July 2010): First Edition, signed by the author Brett Hammond. A4, 148 pages, soft covers. British Artefacts is an ideal reference work for detectorists, archaeologists, museum staff, collectors and anyone with a serious interest in the Middle Anglo-Saxon & Viking years. The book contains 20 maps showing the distribution throughout Britain of various classes of objects and kingdoms and has over 270 beautiful illustrations. [UK orders: use the drop down menu at check out to select the £3.00 postage]

This second volume covers the Middle Saxon material, including the impact that the Vikings had on Anglo-Saxon life during the period of the Great Army, the resistance of King Alfred, the Danelaw and its reconquest by Edward the Elder, the Kingdom of York and the formation of England under King Athelstan. This is of course a rich period with influences coming into the country from Ireland, Carolingian France and Scandinavia. In this period Anglo-Saxon chiefdoms became kingdoms, fought each other, fought the Vikings and eventually became a single state under the West Saxon dynasty. The book contains an outline of the history of the period and summaries of the kings-and-dates of the major kingdoms. Maps show the areas of the kingdoms, the Danelaw and some of the neighbouring states help to explain the changing politics of the period.

The major benefit of this book is the high-quality images of artefacts, some taken from two or more angles, which help the reader to visualise the details of the design and the fineness of the craftsmanship. In these pages, Brett Hammond has gathered some fine examples of Anglo-Saxon, Hiberno-Saxon, Hiberno-Norse and Viking workmanship. The book is laid out logically with preliminary discussions of the history, and of manufacturing and distribution as well advice for collectors and finders; there follows a brief outline of the scripts, Roman and runic, Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian. The art styles are discussed in some detail, then follow the metal artefacts by type, followed by the non-metallic material such as glass, amber, bone and horn. The burial traditions – inhumation and cremation, Viking and Anglo-Saxon – are handled succinctly in a few pages with typical grave plans. Scandinavian settlement is dealt with as well as the Middle Saxon and Viking kingdoms. Finally the summary data for the images are tabulated, followed by a glossary, bibliography and index.

The book covers the subject well in so few pages, offers a great breadth of material and manages to spring a few surprises – it includes a unique gold finger ring bearing the name Cynefrid, a gilded Irish mount and some spectacular swords.

The contents show the breadth of coverage of the title: Intro to the Series, Glossary, Introduction to the Early Anglo-Saxon Period, Advice for Collectors, Valuations, Runes, Advice for Finders, Outline of the Early Anglo-Saxon Period, Art styles, Artefacts production & distribution, Ceramic production and Metal Artefacts. The “Metal Artefacts” covered include: Brooches, Buckles & Belt Fittings, Clasps, Weapons & Fittings, Bowls & Vessels, Pendants, Belt Rings, Bracelets & Arm-rings, Chatelaines, Latch-lifters & Girdle-Hangers, Keys, Combs, Earrings, Finger rings, Harness & Bridle Mounts, Neck-rings, Padlocks, Pins, Purse Mounts & Fire-steels, Pyxides, Spoons, Spurs, Tags, Metallic Threads, Toilet Sets, Tools and Weaving Equipment. The Non-Metallic Artefacts include Amber, Antler, Bone, Ceramics, Gemstones, Glassware, Horn, Ivory and Stone.


Saxon and Viking Artefacts

Mills N   Saxon and Viking Artefacts
Illustrated in full colour and with over 250 superb photographs of individual objects, it encompasses the full spectrum of everyday items in use in Anglo-Saxon England in chronological sequence. The selection of illustrations has been built up over a period of 15 years from various collections. The objects covered include: buckles, strap ends, pins, cruciform brooches, disc brooches, animal brooches, jewellery, beads, stirrup mounts, wrist clasps, dress hooks, keys, knives, tweezers, weights, gaming counters, and weapons. There is also a Norse mythology genealogical chart of the gods. Each item is individually valued in two states of preservation, Fine and Very Fine, and there are additional notes and advice for collectors.The book is an invaluable reference work for metal detectorists, collectors, dealers, museums, and archaeologists.Price guide for every item in two grades of condition.


Benet's Artefacts, volume II

Murawski P   Benet's Artefacts, volume II
This superb artefact identifyer and price guide ranges from the Stone age through to the Tudor period. Over 1000 "new" artefacts have been added to the 1000 in the first edition and the prices have been updated. This hardback book is produced in full colour throughout. Benet's is not an academic study nor an archaeological report of objects discovered and this is reflected in the brief verbal descriptions. Benet's is, however, a visual guide for identification purposes and to market prices. It is hoped that such a visual aid to identification will encourage finders in particular to undertake further research into the class of item which they have found. The prices quoted are based upon first hand knowledge and experience of the antiquities market as well as knowledge of the actual prices obtained on many of the items shown. This knowledge has been combined with consultation with other experienced and respected dealers in antiquities.


Metal Artefacts of Antiquity

Read B   Metal Artefacts of Antiquity
A4, 137 pages, over 950 archaeological quality illustrations. A great aid to identification and dating. Mounts - Pendant Suspension Mounts and Pendants - Strap Distributors - Terrets - Spurs and Spur Fittings - Horses' Bit - Keys and Locks - Seal-Boxes - Seal Matrices; Daggers and Knives and their Fittings - Sword Fittings ? Spear - Tools - Spoons - Brooches - Weights and Weighing Apparatus - Candleholders ? Lamp Suspenders and Lanterns - Purse Bars and Pendent Frames - Lead Tokens. Principal illustrator Patrick Read, additional illustrations by Nick Griffiths, foreword by Geoff Egan.


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