Viking ‘Penannular’ Arm-Ring 009170

Viking ‘Penannular’ Arm-Ring 009170
Excessively Rare Viking 'Penannular'Arm-Ring
Gold, 23.62 grams, 77.06 mm. Poss. ca. 10th century AD. A large solid gold hammered penannular arm-ring or bracelet with a flat, rectangular cross-section. The terminals are hammered into a thin and slightly expanded flange. The piece could have been designed as Viking ‘ring-money’, meaning that it was both a decorative item to be worn as a display of wealth. As a large and impressive item of personal adornment, the ring would have been a statement of personal wealth and therefore of status. The weight is equivalent to five and a half Anglo-Saxon mancus each of 30 pence. The arm-ring was found bent in two on an Anglo-Saxon and Viking period settlement site near Spofforth, North Yorkshire in 2004. Disclaimed as treasure by Her Majesty's Coroner. Rejoined, otherwise extremely fine condition and excessively rare. This item is accompanied by an XRF ancient metal test certificate from Oxford X-ray Fluorescence Ltd.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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