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Who can separate a man and his sword? One is worth nothing without the other. The sword was a Viking warrior's preferred weapon, closely associated with what was most significant in his life - family ties, loyalty to his lord, the duties to a king, the excitement of battle, the attainment of manhood, and the last funeral rites. A warrior was never parted from his sword throughout his life; it was his prized weapon, from the moment he gained the right to wear it. He carried his sword in the king's hall and at law meetings, and it hung in readiness above his bed at night. Viking weapons are very scarce these days, but from time to time you will see a small number of genuine ancient Viking weapons or parts of Viking weapons for sale on this page. There are many Viking weapon collectors throughout the world. You will have to return to our Viking Weapons page regularly as our stock sells very quickly.

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Baltic Viking 'Openwork' Dagger Grip Mount 023180

Baltic Viking 'Openwork' Dagger Grip Mount
Silver, 6.66 grams, 18.03 mm. Circa 16th century AD. A heavy silver collar mount formed from six panels soldered together into a cone with remains of a silver ropework border. The panels are each formed with a trapezoidal frame border within which are placed three coils in silver ropework. The mount probably forms part of the hilt for a high-status knife. Reference: cf. Graham-Campbell, J. and Williams, G. Silver in the Viking Age, Walnut Creek, 2007. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an old English collection.

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Baltic Viking 'Openwork' Dagger Grip Mount 023180

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